Opportunities for Supporting Under the Beams

Friend of the Beams:

This level is for all donations up to $99. This is a great opportunity to show your support for Under the Beams. We will acknowledge your support by recognizing you as a Friend of the Beams throughout the season.


We add this category this season for contributors who donate $100-$499. In this level, your support will be recognized throughout the season and you will receive invitations to our special events, including selected artist receptions.


At the Patron donation level of $500-$999, you receive (2) season tickets in the preferred seating section which is located directly behind our Underwriter premium section. If you choose, for up to one week before the show, you will also have the opportunity to purchase up to (2) additional seats per concert at $50 per seat in the preferred section. We will also acknowledge your support by recognizing you as a Patron supporter throughout the season. In addition, you will receive invitations to our gatherings featuring our artists while they are in town.

Golden Underwriter:

Donors of $1,000-$4,999 are designated Golden Underwriters, and will occupy some of the best seats in the house – premium seats located in the first few rows. As a Golden Underwriter, you will receive two (2) season tickets and the opportunity to purchase up to two (2) additional seats per concert in the premium section at $50 per seat. You will also enjoy recognition throughout the series and be invited to gatherings featuring our artists while they are in town.

Platinum Underwriter:

Each season, the Platinum Underwriter level provides the opportunity for an individual or corporate sponsor to fully underwrite a specific concert of the series. Donors of $5,000 or more will enjoy the best seats in the house for the concert to be underwritten with up to six (6) seats for themselves and their guests! Special recognition of the Platinum Underwriter will be made at the concert to be underwritten, including an opportunity to meet and speak with the performing musicians. In addition, donors at the Platinum Underwriter level will receive six (6) season tickets for the other concerts in the series, with seats in the premium section (first few rows).  Platinum Underwriters will also enjoy recognition throughout the series and be invited to gatherings featuring our artists while they are in town.


When submitting a contribution, please include your name, address, telephone and email address.

Please make checks payable to the:  Harmonie Associates  and mail to:

Under the Beams
P. O.  Box 813
New Harmony,  IN  47631

Under the Beams is currently sponsored by Harmonie Associates, a non- profit organization under
501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.